Climate is changing

The scientific conclusion that climate is changing is overwhelming because there are many separate lines of evidence that all agree and that have been verified by many different experts.

The evidence that climate is changing comes from more than a dozen independent measurements including:

  1. temperature increases in the air measured over land and the oceans using thermometers,
  2. temperature increases in the air measured by satellites,
  3.  warmer ocean temperatures (i.e., greater heat content),
  4. melting glaciers throughout the world (the vast majority), and
  5. species shifting their ranges (i.e., where they live) and changing the timing of their key life events (e.g., migration, reproduction, and periods of activity).

These, and other, independent lines of evidence demonstrate that climate is changing.

An imperfect analogy: Think of it this way: if you feel heat, smell smoke, hear a fire alarm, and see flames then you have independent confirmation from four senses that there’s a fire. The evidence is conclusive.

Additional reading:

References for those who want to dig deeper: Stocker et al. 2013, NAS, AMS Climate Change statement, etc.